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July 24th

Triple for today in honor of the Pioneers. The top one I love because I love pioneers, the second for the quotes below, and the bottom one for the cinematography.

1 Imagine beautiful things.

2 Create the beautiful things you imagine.

3 Tell people about beautiful things you’ve seen or made.

4 Surround yourself with people who also have found beauty.

5 Repeat until desired level of beauty is obtained.

Here is a collection of previous beautiful things: #

July 15th

I can’t believe I haven’t already introduced this video (there are actually multiple that I haven’t put on here, but will most likely be adding). This one is a smart little piece on being AWARE and GRATEFUL and AWESOME!!!! JK, but seriously it’s a great piece. Worth a watch and a share with everyone so we remember to be mindful of what so fully exists around us each moment of our life if we choose to tap into it.

June 9th

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 5.46.28 PM.png
Okay, I’ve been developing for a while now and Stripe is awesome. Not that I just LOOOVE and oooze over online payments, but this tutorial was really engaging and…. well…. it sounds strange to say so, but it was FUN. I in no way take responsibility for you visiting the site and not having the same amount of ‘fun’ that I had, okay, I develop… I like these things

It was like watching a youtube video without a youtube video, because all the action was done right on the screen. Just click the “show me” button on Stripe’s checkout site

Feb 17

This website is a great example of interactive media. It’s a game, yet it’s his resume as well. You almost have to finish the whole thing not necessarily to find out more about him… just to see how it finishes. Love it.
Click here for an awesome website resume Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 7.12.54 PM.png

Feb 10

Amazing how something so simple and everyday can be turned into something mesmerizing and extraordinary.

Feb 3

Probably the most beautiful game of ping-pong I have ever seen. The longer the play the more and more amazing it becomes. The level of sportsmanship and playfulness that exists between these two is outstanding.

Jan 27

This website made by Sony explaining the collaboration between Artists and Engineers is absolutely beautiful. Creates an experience that one not only enjoys, but that one quickly becomes addicted to. I’ve already gone through the process twice not reading a thing, but just enjoying myself. It is that good. Click here to experience it yourself.
Great UX

Jan 20

Beautiful analogy about why we use technology in our lives and how it incorporates itself into the art, life, and poetry. What will your verse be?

Jan 13

Beautiful music, beautiful girl.

Jan 6

I love the feeling this gives me. Beautiful and mysterious.
Alt text


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