I’m practicing the habit of “Celebrating More” and in spirit of that I am not going to be looking forward to 2014, but rather look back to what went completely awesome this year. Here are my highlights:

Mission Statement
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I will devout my time, talent, and ability to building the kingdom of God. I find untapped resources, and use them to show and empower others to unlock their own untapped potential through real and permanent lifestyle change that is more closely tied to their basic motives and needs. Love, respect, simplicity, order, and freedom are my driving principals.

Wanted to become temple worthy this year so I started going back to church regularly and accomplishing a level of high activity in the church. Not just high level of activity but of involvement. Meaning to have fun and actually contribute to the lives of others. Doing so I have actually come to enjoy home teaching with nearly 100% all year. This picture is from a FHE activity that could have been really boring, but I did my best to make it fun and loved it.

This year I will read & pray everyday. Once a day, everyday using Lift

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Didn’t have a measurable goal this year. Usually I have a marathon, triathlon, or some other goal. This year was just to maintain. Did that.

This year I will do 20 minutes of stretching/yoga each time I work out. Also I hope to be more hydrated, tracking my progress in Lift.

This year was big one. Learned the process of buying a foreclosed HUD home, how to do construction and remodel a bathroom, and what it’s like to hold down a 9-5 job.

This year I will learn how to make a completely functional web app while attending [Dev Mountain](www.devmounta.in).

I had a full time job this year with [Txtwire](www.txtwire.com) that taught me a lot. I had the chance to work under Dan Beck, the CEO of his 6 year old startup, and admired his ability to treat people as people, believe in and empower others to achieve, and harbor a positive culture. I’ve read 8 books this year including:
Success Built to Last
Atlas Shrugged
The Lean Startup
7 Habits of Highly Effective People
How to Survive the End of the World as we Know It
Leadership and Self Deception
Speaker for the Dead
The 80/20 Principal

This year I will start a mobile business and start writing my own book (taking the form of blog posts, and then compiling those thoughts into a book form when done)

Bought a decommissioned FedEx truck to turn into a mobile live/work space. Really excited about this one. Visited the following communities:
[Kalu Yala](www.kaluyala.com)
The Village
and compiled a list of resources and knowledge for starting my own or at least contributing to another that has already started.

This year I will find the location for my future community that has both a great climate for growing and a reliable water source.

If you would like to help me in any of these areas be sure to send me an email john@openapparatus.com. I’d love to talk to you about your goals and see how we can collaborate towards a shared goal.


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