And So It Begins

Let me bring everything up to speed on how this whole thing happened. I’m into Minimalist Living and bought a FedEx truck called the Make It Happen Wagon to start executing on some of my minimalist ideas.

photo 1.JPG

If I would’ve had it my way I’d be living in a shipping container cause I’d been REALLY into Conex Box Houses, bought Tiny House books, and even had visited people that had built homes for under $10,000 when a friend of mine approached me about buying a FedEx truck that he wanted to use to move from Bentonville, Arkansas back to Utah.

Now Bentonville is the headquarters for our beloved Walmart, so shipping and cargo trucks are at a surplus from what I understand. It was our initial plan to buy the truck for $4,000, and sell it in Utah for a $1,000 - $2,000 gain. However, I became attached and decided to start building it out (Doesn’t hurt that my father refused to let me put a shipping container on our property to start building my house in… or I’d probably be doing that right now. So I decided to go with the next best thing and get me a FedEx truck instead).

So far I’ve started spending A LOT of time at Home Depot
photo 2.JPG

Found that buying pallets already broken down is WAY easier than breaking down pallets yourself
photo 3.JPG

and discovered that working with friends is absolutely the best way to go about a project like thisphoto 4.JPG

So far what we’ve done is

Remove all the shelving

Install 2" insulation

Hang plywood on the walls

Installed electrical outlets

Cut and hang reclaimed wood

Take down, re-cut, and hang MORE reclaimed wood

and right now we’re going through the process of using Spar Marine finish to make the wood in the bathroom completely waterproof with the same finish given to boats.

photo 5.JPG

Steps to come are a couch/bed combo, plexiglass ceiling with AC unit, lights with deep cycle battiers/solar panels, and a bathroom :)

If you have any questions on how I went about doing it or any technical specifications write me and I’ll email you back:

Live Small.


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